Fashion Competitor Analytics

Buying Intelligence harnesses the latest technologies to deliver visual, easy to understand analytics to a competitive, time poor industry. Quite simply it allows you to get a quick snapshot of the changes in your market or immerse yourself in the ranges and analysis to enhance your business strategy.

How it Works

How It Works

You nominate the retailers which influence or impact your business and Buying Intelligence then collects the ecommerce catalogues of these retailers and delivers fast and intuitive insights into their market position and ranges.


Our in house team of retail specialists have developed a range of products to meet your needs. Simply choose which products suit your business and Buying Intelligence will deliver critical insight on the retailers that imapact you the most.
Features Promotions Range Review Comp Shop Full Suite
Daily Updates check check
Competitors Newsletter check check
Competitors Home Pages check check
Promotional Archive check check
Historical Range Book By Category check check check
Product Performance Detail check check check
Online Competitors check check check
Multiple Retailer Feed check check
Assortment Plans check check
Weekly Market Update check check
New Product Arrivals check check
Sold Out Alerts check check
New Markdown Alerts check check
Price Architechture check check
Markdown Analysis check check
Search Function By Keyword check check

Every Plan Includes

check  Free Consultation.

check  No Software To Install.

check  Share Functionality.

check  Regular, Free Updates.

check  Unlimited Email Support.

check  World Class Data Uptime.

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Product Detail

Fully Searchable Collections
A fully searchable collection of every email, homepage and promotion in your market place. Time to unsubscribe from all of those mailing lists.
We’ll deliver to you daily updates on the promotions and sales in your market as they happen.
No more collating information from many sources. View your markets activity in one easy dashboard and make decisions quickly.
Your whole team can see changes in the market place as soon as it happens.
We’ve done the work for you. You can focus on your strategy and not collection of information.
Access a complete history of your markets promotional strategy making it easy to forward plan your activities timing and aggression.
We make meeting with your marketing team easy with access to a library of creative ideas and brand messages.
Access Range Performance
Easily access your range performance in every category.
Preparing for your range review is made simple with historical information on your entire range and its performance.
Our dashboards simplify the analysis of your ranges by taking away the need to scour through excel spreadsheets to make your decisions.
Answer questions on the fly with your own online sample library.
Easily spot opportunities and identify gaps in your ranges with complete range analysis of all categories in your business.
View a visual overview of each of your products price history and life cycle.
Your range presentations made easy. You can easily present and substantiate your business recommendations with our visual reporting and insights.
See Competitor Strategies & Perfomance
Access to your competitors strategies and range performance.
Easily identify where your competitors are winning and revise your strategies to stay number one.
Trade faster and more competitively in every department.
Access to information about your market you have never been able to access.
You don’t have to spend hours on your competitors websites or in their stores. You will be alerted when new products arrive, marked down or sold out.
We take the hard work out of manual comp shopping and deliver a complete comparison of how you line up against your competitors.

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